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Belton Legal Office of Ted L Potter

Belton Legal Office of Ted L Potter is a lawyer and attorney in Belton Texas with the law firm address being 116 North Main Street, If you would like to call this lawyer, attorney or law firm, please call phone number of Belton Legal Office of Ted L Potter at (254)939-3758.

Belton Legal Office of Ted L Potter
116 North Main Street
Belton, TX, 76513

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Nick2011-02-09 09:42:39
Mr. Ted L. Potter, whom you have listed as an attorney has surrendered his license effective Nov. 30, 2010. You may confirm this with the Texas Bar Association. You should remove your entry.

rebecca2011-09-05 21:40:22
Dear Nick,  The women we are writing about was involved with one of the most powerful Attorney's in Bell County. She was made a "victim" by the Bell County Attorney's and this letter will explain. A few County Officials and Detectives placed an ad under Attorney Ted Potter's name for information about Rebecca Hornsey. This is why we are answering the ad for information concerning Rebecca. **Every does crime requires a patsy.** 07/12/2011 This is in response to your ad you put on the Internet for information in reference to Rebecca Florene Hornsey. She was involved with the former Attorney Teddy Lee Potter in Belton, Tx.. Rebecca was a victim of the CPS Court and she became mentally "damaged" as a mother who loved her children, but was not allowed to see them. Rebecca lived in a fictious world and she portrayed herself as someone that was of great importance in life. Rebecca claimed when her father died, he left her millions of dollars. Rebecca's father died on May 13, 2009, in Janesville WI., after a fourteen year stay in a Nursing Home. Rebecca told Ted Potter she would help him out of his bind with the IRS. She told him and also convinced him that she had an abundance of money and the prestigious life of a millionaire. Rebecca was a former Client of Attorney Ted Potter. She had been in jail for theft and for stalking her children she no longer not have custody of. Ted Potter bonded her out of jail and he was her Defense Counsel for several years and then he introduced Rebecca as his fiance. Throughout this time Rebecca through the gift of gab, convinced Ted that she loved him and she was going to take care of him. She prayed on a sick man's sympathy and his misfortune in life. Ted Potter was at a point that he was sick and vulnerable. Rebecca took full advantage of his vulnerable period in his life. In 2010, Ted Potter ended up in Federal Court, in the Western District of Texas, for an IRS audit, and passed this audit by leaving out this information, on this property, we are writing about, from his audit. This is before Mr. Potter was jailed in the local County Jail for "hot checks" in 2010. (So has former Assistant District Attorney, Rusty Carroll for the second time in headline news, but not for hot checks just for allegations of sexuaul abuse of his own daughter and driving drunk with a firearm). **Let us add that the State Bar of Texas has allowed Judges and attorney's that were accused of sexual misconduct, accused of molesting their own children or citizens, and the Texas State Bar allowed them to preserve their Law License, especially if they graduated from Baylor Law School. The point of answering this invitation to discuss Rebecca Florene Hornsey has opened an "avenue" to be able to shed some light on a situation that Rebecca probably had "no" concept that was developing around her amoungst certain City Officials in Bell County. While Rebecca was scamming Ted Potter, others were returning the favor in another aspect. Ted purchased the building that was American Bail Bond in Belton, Tx., as a gift for Rebecca, in February 2008. This building was owned an operated by Marylu Wallace and her daughter Novella Wallace Ward, both now deceased. During the sale of this building, Marylu Wallace passed away on April 15, 2008, and her daughter Novella died in her home three months later on July 31, 2008. Many people attended these funerals. Ted Potter was all but broke but with his Office Manager the two of them managed to come up with 60,000.00 for the purchase of American Bailbond. In February of 2008, while the negotiations of this building were taking place Rebecca Hornsey was alledgedly at Scott & White Hospital seeing to her youngest son. Ted in the mean time also purchased her a home on Cheyenne Pass in Salado, Texas. The sale was involved with Union State Bank, in Killeen and Florence Tx..The Vice President of the bank and the lender of the money was Jay Walker. This was done by a signature loan at Union State Bank. The President of the Bank was Joe Petronis, a very close friend of Ted Potter. It is recorded in the District Clerk's Office in a custody dispute involving Rebecca Hornsey with her former in laws, the Icmat's, and Attorney's Potts and Messer, cause # 167508, Bell County District Courts. This case involved Detective David Jessup, of the Belton Police Department, who was one of the people who posted a web site on the internet, in hopes of finding people and information in gathering evidence against Rebecca. Eventually the house in Salado was lost back to the Bank. You might discuss this with the Attorney Joe Petronis, the President of Union State Bank. Union State Bank is currently taking some of Ted Potter's property. (Richard Joe Petronis bar card # 15852700). **To make note, some of the Belton Detectives are on the City Restoration Committies in Belton, with Potts and Messer, who are the children's Guardian Ad-litems, in CPS Court. Several of the Detectives have wives that are the local CPS field workers, with one of the wives being one of the top investigators for CPS. Several of the Detectives and other Officials have succeeded in adopting children from this Court. .**We are reffering to Detective Larry T Berg, and Sgt. Gatewood, who's husband of one of the lead investigators for Cps.** In February of 2008, the closing of this building came and went. Rebecca did not show at the closing, of this building, on Feb. 04, 2008. The closing of the Texas Bailbond building took place at CentraLand Title and Abstract. Ted Potter and his office manager, Lester Boutwell attended the losing "without" Rebecca. The former owner of American Bailbond passed away in April of 2008, after a long illness. The sale of this Building to Ted Potter, that is in the name of Rebecca Hornsey, was final in May of 2008. Ted's office was closed on the Friday of Marylu's Wallace's funeral. Most of his staff attended the funeral along with other Business Owners and City Officials. You can possibly confirm this with the other Attorney's that were in Ted Potters Office around the time of the Death of Marylu Wallace. There is a kicker to this story. Marylu Novella Grisham Wallace, the former owner of American Bailbond, died on April 15, 2008. Many people attended her funeral and payed their respects. The Records and the Deeds at the Courthouse show that Marylu Wallace died on April 15, 2007. Even the Headstone at the Belton Cemetary has the wrong date on it. There is no evidence left that shows Marylu Wallace died on the exact date, one year later, except what is now recorded in the Courthouse and with the Bureau of Vital Statistics. There is nothing that is left except for the information and affidavits some of the family and friends and the concerned citizens were able to acquire. The purchase of American Bailbond was done through Centraland Title and Abstract. The preparing of the title search and title preparations were done through the Law Office of Messer, Potts, and Messer. The will of Marylu Wallace was placed into Probate while she was still alive. If you read the Deeds and Recordings in the Tax Appraisal Office, you will see that these properties were placed in Probate on April 15, 2007. The County Judge, Ed Johnson, Probated this woman's will, on May 08,of 2007. The Attorney for Marylu and Novella Wallace was Aurthur Neale Potts. The Judge and the Attorney's then payed their Respects to Marylu Wallace when she died. Marylu Wallace had been a Business Owner and friend to many. The death of Marylu Wallace is etched in many peoples Hearts and Memories. Marylu Wallace's only living heir died in her home on July 31, 2008, only three months after Marylu Wallace died. It is recorded that Wallace owned quite a few other properties. This is the only property to our knowledge that Rebecca ended up owning. Attorney Jack W Jones and Jack Folsom (a Real Estate Broker), acquired some of the properties through Jack Folsom aka Jack-o-Lantern, Llc. There were some others that were obtained through the Herzog/Miller family. It is our knowledge that the Attorney Michael Floyd White married a Herzog. (State bar card # 00785231). It is amazing that certain properties are ones that are suppose to be confiscated by the Federal Government, resulting from the wrong doings of citizens end up with certain Attorney's firms. Their properties being now owned and sold by Attorney Jack W. Jones Jr., in some Llc where he is the Registered Agent, and their children end up in the hands of Messer,Potts, and Messer. (The information pertaining to the Llc corporations is published with the Texas State Comptroller, Susan Combs). All of these Attorney's are involved with companies that are involved in local development and financing of properties either the Cities Restoration or they are involved with the rapid development of Texas. Such amazing Attorneys we have in our County! Attorney Michael F. White claims he is a Oklahoma Sooner with the Sooner Land Acquisition and he graduated from Baylor Law School, in only three years. Jack Folsom is on the City Restoration Committee for Belton, with some of the top people in the Sheriff's department, Belton Police Officers from the Police Department, and with other family members that are related to these officials. John Messer was the City Attorney for Belton. Attorney's Arthur Neale Potts and John Burton Messer "specialize" in Real Estate, and conduct the majority of the CPS proceedings, as being the children's Court appoined CPS Guardian ad-litem Attorney's. In the previous years, they were the only Attorney's who were appointed as the Guardian ad-litem Attorney's for children in this County, until this Courtroom became a commodity involving the tremendous assets, for these Attorney's and this County. John Messer is the "Registered Agent" for the Bell County Health Facilities Development Corp. with the elected County Commisioners and the elected County Judge. Messer is also the "Registered Agent" for the Bell County Industrial Developement Corp., with "all" the County Commisioners and the County Judge, along with many other Development Corporations. It seems really hard to imagine that at least one of these Officials did not catch such Fraudulant Acts. It should be believed that in some way all these Officials should have had knowledge of any of these events taking place. Ignorance to the law is no excuse! At the least you can honestly say, if they were not aware of this unlawful act, that this is a case of guilt by association. An old friend told me "he who is honest shall prevail". What is his definition of honesty when he is also an elected official? It is an established fact that "all" the elected County Commisioners and the elected County Judges, do assist in the decisions in electing of who are the Officials in the CPS Court Proceedings. We do understand the "latitude" that elected Officials are given. Especially when they own tremendous amounts of property they own, not in their own name, but in members of their family or their married family, or by just changing their middle initial as the owner of property. Our Elected County Judge is Jon Burrows, Bar Card # 03471800. Our County Judge that probates wills is Judge Edward Johnson. So who scammed who? Rebecca did not have the capability to figure out all the people who participated in this whole situation. You can confirm that this building was purchased by Ted Potter, with the help of his colleague and client, Lester Gene Boutwell. Lester may not confess to the truth because he is involved with shady deals with another Business Owner, of a former bailbond company, Texas Bail Bond, and 24/7 Bail Bond, Tonya Linder. If you read a letter from the Attorney General, the appellant attorney, Bob Odom, in Henry Garza's office attempted to secure her bailbond license after her former lover shot and attempted to kill a man inside of Texas Bailbond. Tonya Linder's partner in business is Lester Boutwell, and you can check his Sex Offender Registery Card to verify his employment, with her daughter Courtney Linder. ***You might also check the name that Ted Potter's bills were listed in. They were listed under the name of Donald Potter. Check the phone directory in 2009, for Ted's Home number. The number is listed under Donald Potter for Ted Potter. Ted's number was 254-780-9417. Where is Ted, is he dead, or avoiding indictment? This seems to be a practice with certain "officials" in Bell County. No matter how you look at this, THIS IS FRAUD...Fraud to the State Comptroller, the City of Belton, the Irs, and to the public. How can these Officials think that they are going to get away with their Fraudulant Actions? Rebecca Hornsey righteously stolen the Integrity of a Criminal Attorney that has ultimately resulted in his Disbarment. Although it may be felt that Ted Potter's Disbarment was long overdue, the Disbarment of other Attorneys should come along with these Illegal and Fraudulant actions regarding at the least, Marylu Wallace's property. (Teddy Lee Potter, was State Bar Card # 161178000). With the Attorney's, Messer and Potts peforming all the Title Preparations for these transactions, and with the Attorney's Jack W Jones, William Harrell, Jerry Secrest, and Thomas Baird, all having all the controling interest in Centraland Title and Abstract and Monteith Abstract, then it becomes clear that they have all committed some sort fraud. District Judge Rick Morris is on the board for Centraland Title and Abstract as the Vice-President. To make a note: District Judge Rick Morris is the presiding Judge in almost every foreclosure in Bell County; (John Messers bar card # 13970800, Aurthur Neale Potts bar card # 16179800, Jack W Jones Jr. bar card # 10982300, William Harrell bar card # 00789348 , Jerry Secrest bar card # 24013483, Thomas Baird bar card # 01561700, Judge Jack Richard "Rick" Morris bar card # 1448600. Jack W. Jones Jr. is the Registered Agent and the legal counsel for almost every bank in this area). If you want to have an investigation concerning Rebecca Florene Hornsey then also conduct an Investigation of the Officials and Attorney's who allowed this Business to be purchased in such a Fraudulant manner. * *By the way, Ted Potter did purchase a building that was owned by Marylu's husband Waymon Joyce, three days before his death. These are some of the Attorneys that defend you in Court? These same Attorney's are the Attorney's that represent children in the CPS Court Proceedings. Judge Rick Morris does every "final" termination of Parental Rights and all the Adoptions in Bell County. We have an extremely high adoption rate coming out of the CPS Courtroom. Now how comfortable do you feel with your Life Resting in the hands of these attorney's? You might ought to check on Larry D Gaines also. His legal name is Robert Daniel Gaines. He is the owner and operator of Quik Release Bailbonds in Belton, Texas. These same officials are allowing a business owner to have two sets of creditionals. This is not really the most honest way to conduct business. Some of the other Bailbond Companies participate in this deceptive type practices including Ted Potter. This is a really nice package that this county has raped up so tight and neat, concerning the officials and Attorney's. Rebecca Hornsey is currently in the Bell County Jail on numerous charges, and the bond company was foreclosed on and sold by the county to another bailbond company, Smoking Gun, owned by Kevin Edwards. To try to tie this in together somewhat, the one of the buildings that Marylu Wallace is recorded to have owned is the old Jail. American Bailbond is eligible for a Historical Marker from the State of Texas. The placement of an Historical marker on old buildings, generates all kinds of money for the owner of that property in Texas. (If these buildings and property were appraised at market value, then possibly Marylu Wallace's property combined would exceed, 3 mllion dollars). Would you ever think that these Bell County Officials are allowed to do this by certain people higher up in our Government? Or maybe everyone is just too busy in their daily lives to pay attention to what is around them. Possibly this could be overlooked by the large contributions that these officials make to the Political Campaigns and to the Office of Governor Rick Perry. Let us not take a blind eye to District Judge Joe Carroll, and his brother Jimmy Carroll, the former Cheif Justice of the Texas 3rd Circuit, and is head of one of the largest entity in the United States, Scott & White Memorial Hospital. This hospital does have it's own autopsy clinic inside if the hospital, and they do all of the sane examinations, and the mental evalutions for the CPS Courts. Governor Rick Perry and our Attorney General, regulate these commodities in Texas. We people in Texas, need to understand that our children have become a "commodity", and not just our children. This is a now a business and Governor Rick Perry is the President of all Presidents of this company. (Joe Carroll's bar card # 03895000, former Judge Jimmy Carroll's bar card # 03887500). Look at the potential for this extremely powerul monopoly that has been carefully placed together between the Attorney's and the CPS Court system, and the executives in Austin. These officials are the Founding Fathers of this County. The investigation, involving Rebecca Hornsey should not be geared just to the theft and the fraudulent ways she handled clients in Ted Potters office and the disregard she had for Ted Potter. It should be known what actually took place in the transfer of these Properties and the Attorneys who "willingly" participated, and are responsible for the Fraudulant methods that these Properties were purchased. The investigation should be shifted towards the Officials, Attorney's, and Business Owners, who buy and sell Property through the manipulation of the Deeds and the Recordings, all for their own personal gain. The manipulation of these properties, and all the mishandlings of children and familes going in and out the CPS Courtroom, should be the main focus of this Investigation. What better "strategy" for the Officials to launch an Investigation, into the illegal actions of a girl that was able to scam an Attorney, that was at one time, one of the most powerful Criminal Attorney's in Bell County. The issues will be directed toward Rebecca, instead of in the direction of the City Officials and Attorney's who allowed this to happen. There are other Attorneys that have participated in this type of Fraud, and they are also some of the most powerful Attorneys in Bell County, Tx.. Maybe this is the way that they have been so successful in restoring the City of Belton, and the surrounding areas, all the way to the State Capital. The other partner in the Law Firm of Messer, Potts and Messer, is William "Bill" Messer, a "lobbyist" in the Texas State Capital. This might account for why these actions in the Cps Courtroom and these Attorney's actions are "never" addressed. Do not think this is the only time that these Officials have attempted this type of situation. **Please keep in mind that these Attorney's are the Attorney's involved our CPS Administrative Court system and they are affiliated with the firm of Messer, Potts, and Messer. (W.A. "Bill" Messer's bar card # 13972200, and his address is 604 W 14th in Austin, Tx., his office is near the office of Governor Perry).** We do believe in progress and expansion. Goals are essential part of a person's life, but when you have to cheat and manipulate certain issues, then where is the dividing line between the truth in their manipulation? It seems quite unfair to cast all the blaim on Rebecca Hornsey and Attorney Ted Potter, after Ted Potter has been disbarred. The only conceivable way to pull off such a scandalous scam as this, is with the help of the Judges, the Attorneys, the Title Companies, and the Banks. With these individuals thinking, that no one would realize this was ever happening around them. It might appear that these Officials and Attorney's "did" have all of their ducks in a row. There are other Attorney's involved in some of the similiar Practices. You just have to look at the records and you can see. This does define a Conspiracy... **You who wrote this invitation to send comments concerning Rebecca Hornsey "opened up a can of worms". Lets see how you close this one up. We have only scratched the bare surface of our corruption, in our letter. Our County is like an ice berg, with only a tenth of it, being visable.*** ***These attorney's are in "good standing" with the State Bar of Texas, with Arthur Neale Potts and Steven Blythe as members of the Greivance Committee.*** Where was Rebecca Hornsey on the date that Marylu Wallace passed away? The exact date that Marylu Wallace's Will was placed in probate a year earlier. It is hard to imagine that a young girl that had a drug problem could ever have masterminded such a "conspiracy" as this one. A typograghical error, we ABSOLUTELY KNOW IT IS NOT...   PS. It has just been brought to our attention that the county took this building away from Rebecca Hornsey. Rebecca Hornsey is incarcarated in Bell County Jail on trumped up charges. American Bailbond changed owners with another bailbond company, "Smoking Gun" owned and operated by Kevin Edwards. At least this county has been predictable as to whom they pass property to. The deeply concerned citizens of Bell County   cc: The Texas State Bar The Judicial Conduct Committee The Attorney General for the State of Texas The Office of Governor Rick Perry The Fifth Circuit of Louisiana Newspapers around the United States Children's Rights The Third Circuit of Appeals Every opposing parties in the next and up coming elections Office of Henry Garza, the District Attorney for Bell County Office of Jack Weldon Jones Jr. of Jones and Harrell Susan Combs, the State Comptroller Jack Folsom aka Jack-o-Lantern The Western District of Texas, the disbarred Walter S Smith Jr. The United States Attorney's Office The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services The comedian, and Puppet reporter Paul Romer

BECKY2011-09-05 21:44:22

BECKY2011-09-05 21:46:55

Eyes Wide Open Open Yours2011-09-18 21:31:19
We just want to point out that on the internet things need to appear clean and decent. Rebecca was a black widow and she took everything in her path. Look at Ray Harper. Look, this is the way things are in Bell County and Rebecca was no victim. But in 5-10 years from now who gives a damn. Several officials need to be disbarred or they need to be forced to surrender their license also. Rebbecca is a white peice of trailer trash and Ted was Blind. Love is blind or was it for a motive?????

the secretary2011-09-18 21:45:26
Nick, Are you the one that entered Ted's office one day and asked for a job, and denied because you were wet behind the ears? A UT student at that. If memory serves correctly you cannot defend nor slander anyone. Sorry Nick you are just another mark against the establishment. Get your facts straight.

eyes wide open2011-09-20 08:19:54
Not sure if your comment is directed at me, but I have no interest in dealing with dishonest officials and the like. I due sincerely hope that something is done about all those who were involved in these other issues for the sake of the families involved and of course to stop them from victimizing anyone in the future. Politics and the legal system are corrupt. Best of luck to you. I am only here to help provide correct information as i know it.

vistim2011-09-15 13:54:45
Rebecca Hornsey lost custody of only one of her children, her son. She gave her youngest daughter to a family member. She is no victim, she's a drug addict and at age 33 is no young girl just used as a scapegoat. She did the same thing at Bellwood Memorial courtesy of Ray Harper until she bled him dry as well. She is a con artist like no other, filing false reports to have people jailed, using her kids to work her way through the system. You can track her through public records and see the trail of destruction. The Icmats are not her in-laws, they are the father and stepmother of her son. The other fathers of her children have both given away their rights, forcefully. Beware, this is an evil like no other.

Ms. Jodi L. Potter-O'Brien2011-09-18 08:14:45
this a lawyer of great wisdom, and knowledge of the judicial system, texas and the federal courts. i look to him as a guide and so does a few othrs who have workd for him.

Eyes Wide Open Open Yours2011-09-19 23:03:24
I see that you have no more responses to the articles we wrot we about officials. Unless you are slandering the ones who no longer can take up for themselves, I guess it no longer fun for yall. Think of the millions of dollars these others are making off of your ignorance. Ignorance is bliss. Until it hits you....Oh it will just wait and see. Then you will be bitching. Until then..

PLease open your eyes.....2011-09-16 16:26:05
We never said Rebecca is a saint, by far she is. Look at the Bell county records for the Icmat's and for Rebecca Florene Hornsey. She has been turned over to the FBI for her scandalous ways. All these people are scandalous. Rebecca being a leader of the pact behind Potts and Messer and Ted Potter. Check out Christopher Parrish Blair who hides behind Judge Duffield. We know how much Rebecca scammed out of Ray Harper and Ted, plus his clients. Do not turn a blind eye to the officials in this county and the bailbond companies. This is our whole point.Real estate attorney's in CPS court, read the Law suit filed against the Department of Family and Protective services in Corpus Christi. This is against Bell and governor perry. Rebecca may be a scam but she is a dumbass scam

eyes wide open2011-09-17 19:36:54
Having fallen into the hands of some of these individuals, I fully understand the frustration in misuse of power and a system that is designed to benefit a select group with no regard to the people it hurts along the way. While it seems you know the situation well, Rebecca is a pathological liar and some of the information was incorrect. I don't believe she did it all single-handedly for she's not that intelligent, however, she should not be portrayed as a victim. Her son was never in a coma, that was a lie to cover the attorneys absence for all the clients she stole from. CPS didn't take away any of her kids she gave them away. And she was always able to see them, she just elected not to unless she could find a way to work them into her next scheme. Those who are important in this matter, are the people who are out thousands of dollars, the lives she has torn apart, those wrongly accused of crimes, and most of all her kids for whom she has absolutely no regard. All I can say is that there is a final Judge and she will surely face him one day.

Eyes Wide Open Open Yours2011-09-22 23:30:40
It is really amuzing that when you tell the truth about people who are in power then all gets quiet. Ted Potter was no different than any other official in this county he just got sick so the other officails took him out too. good luck Mr. Potter, and good luck to all the others waiting indictment. It may take awhile, but every do has their day!!!!

Eyes Wide Open Open Yours2011-09-29 21:43:17
So what is up with the other officials in Bell County. YOu think this is bullshit that everyone is not corrupt. Just wait till it involves you. Rebecca is a crack whore and undeserving of her children. But so are the other crappy attorney;s in Bell County

Anon2011-09-25 19:02:05
Rebecca Florene Hornsey is a liar, whore and just straight mentally deranged individual with no morals or values or any sign of a conscience. Lock her up and throw away the key.

ATTNY, AMANDA WISON2012-01-18 09:05:06

ATTNY, AMANDA WISON2012-01-18 09:11:35
Also our firm will be taking Actions on these slander immeditaly , our firm is well aware who has put these false statments about Mrs Hornsey. Thank You

Amanda?2012-02-02 16:33:46
Oh shutup Becky. It's not slander if it's true you evil, souless, skank. There is no such attorney named Amanda Wison and if there was she certainly would be able to spell and use correct grammar in her post. Didn't you get in enough trouble pretending to be a lawyer already? Go back in your hole and hide before the FBI or the child support office finds you.

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Sweecyesomo2012-02-14 06:54:54
Highly descriptive blog, I enjoyed that bit. Will there be a part 2?

Brionna 2012-02-25 06:26:20
The blog is cool

wink 2012-03-10 11:39:38
Wow this article is so true she is crazy and she brings problems to people that don't want anything to do with she is freaking physco!!!! And the sad thing is she knows it.

mahjong fortuna gratuit2012-03-20 16:23:35
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Eyes Wide Open2012-04-07 12:35:06
So what's the status? Are they investigating Ms. Wallace's death? The whistle has been blown, but what has been accomplished? Does anyone even care what has occurred in our county with these officials. Rebecca is in county jail, so for now the World is safe. Although this gives her lots of time to plot her next scam. I dont see how it's possible for two people to die under these suspicious circumstances and nothing is done about it. There's got to be at least one honest person in our county not willing to cover for these scoundrels. May God curse you all!

anonymous2012-04-17 19:12:12
Everyone, just beware of ineffective counsels. My family and I moved here to the Killeen area back in the year 1986. We are victims of liars who work in Bell County. I'm writing to dog anybody, but to this very day, my family and I are still fighting to seek justice. I, at 8 years, was a victim of CPS,in which, the caseworker coerced, made threats, and pressured me in every way possible to gain herself a case to go back to the state of Texas employees to lie to and what's sad about it all, they ALL fell for it. I was told that they should have threw our case out because of lack of evidence. The state took everything wimsickle thing that they could think of to add to this case and put words into my mouth so that they could have me on thier side to use as a witness to convict my father for a crime he did NOT commit. A serious witch-hunt was going on back in the 80's all over teh U.S., now it is up to us to fight all of this and believe me, we are going to use every breath and fight that we have by God's grace and mercy. The truth shall prevail and the lie will fail!!! In Jesus' name!!!!

anonymous2012-04-17 19:16:37
Oh, I just forgot to mention the main reason of writing this article to begin with. My parents hired Ted. father got 50 years....for a crime he never committed need I say more?? No evidence was ever seen. Potter told my father to just take the guilty plea and get lesser years. My father to this day still maintains his innocence, and so do I. Potter never spoke to me as a child to where he could have gotten information and he never asked to view a piece of very important evidence that would have helped our case to where our case could have gotten dismissed.

Theone2012-12-17 16:09:18
I think ive met her what does she look like?

Jeannine Puleio2013-01-21 00:27:14
Saved as a favorite, I really like your site!

Todd S Porter ,a proud freind 2013-02-08 05:12:55
Ive known Teddy personally for 24 yrs .he has been my counsel for 23 in many capacities .Ive worked several yrs for him in several capacities including bondsman and investigator .Ted Potter is a good man and was a brilliant attorney ,he plead many people out over the yrs who couldnt afford a trial,most of em got good deals cuz DA;'s didnt want to go up against ted.Ted was the undisputed KING of getting people Deferred Adjudication for even the most severe crimes ,which kept 100's if not 1000's of people from being felons today .i also peally saw the man brilliantly defend dozens of people over the years ,giving many people who had made very poor choices 2nd (for some ,3rd and 4th )chances at a new life by keeping them out of prison .i met this Rebecca back in 2010 when i went to help ted out becausee he was sick .he still had his LIC. but she had her hooks in him ,he was blind to her .i was even present when 700 dollars ted had collected from a client disappeared from the office,only she could have taken it ,she tried to say i must have done it but ted and i had been together all day ,plus i dont think she realized how long id known ted and the fact i had handled 100's of 1000's of dollars for Ted over the years without losing a dime or she wouldnt have made herself look so guilty by taking it with noone else to blame but me,but she had ted so convinced of this big money of hers coming in that he just let it go and let his phones get turned off ,later when i got him to start to see the truth i almost had him convinced to ditch her and he actually fired her and we locked her out of the office ,cuz he knew that i couldnt and anyway wouldnt have taken that money .she even barged into court and started arguing with us right there in the courthouse , but she silver tongued him back in,i left in disgust ,and i see she ruined him,and obviously there was no money ,ever . ....his diabetes was taking its toll by then and his effectiveness was severely compromised ,i agree but that doesnt change that Teddy was the man to get you off for 40 yrs in Bell county,and i for one am tired of johnny come latelies talkin s*** about about this kind(he gave 100's of felons a chance to work off legal fees over his many years,helping many turn their lives around ) ,genius fucking smart ,"cooler than the other side of your pillow" cool ,always on the job,never took vacation, mofo who would always answer the collect call 24 hrs a day and come get your sorry asses out of jail .That's the way ill always remember Teddy L Potter,and i remember him with a smile .

Avril Dulek2013-04-02 07:26:42
When I initially left a comment I seem to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on each time a comment is added I recieve four emails with the exact same comment. Perhaps there is a way you are able to remove me from that service? Kudos!

johnwhite2013-04-17 15:05:37
keep on smiling

2013-09-29 03:23:38
I know ted gave Rebecca money out the wazzoo. At one point ane and time I was an employee and I t9ld him he was blind. I was asked to go to San Antonio one weekend to watch a little boy that was in the hospital. I refused because, I felt that it was crap. So it was an even street when it came to these two people. I left because I was seeing shady crap going on.

Donald Ray Gill2013-10-11 12:57:21
Hello Mr.Potter. I trust that this note finds you in good health and spirits,as well as your family. I would like to visit with you sometime in the near-future. My number is (325)864-5820/after 5:00pm.. And/or e-mail me your God Bless

victor potter2014-02-01 01:15:01
Mr. Potter has passed away!

DORA LEJEUNE2014-05-14 15:39:39

John Hood2014-08-24 01:05:57
Hmm. Very interesting.. Corruption in the corridors of power is certainly not a new or novel event.. Even in such backwaters like Bell county. Ted Potter had been very ill for a long time before all the listed events took place. But his mind seemed fairly sharp still, at least in my interactions with him. I'm more inclined to believe there are no innocents here.. Bell county is but a den of camp followers, government cheese dependents of the massive government cheese wheel that is Ft. Hood. It is VERY obvious that Belton has enjoyed some massive windfall recently.. The downtown area, such as it is, is polished and dressed in the quaintest finery of any Texas town of its size. Now that Rick Perry has been booked and fingerprinted, a definite shift and chill can be felt in the winds of power and privilege.. Even on this humble level of Bell county. Potter was no angel. Neither was he a devil. He was a mortal man, with all the good and bad that comes with that condition. His feeble condition was exploited by all. His desperate state made him easy prey and excessively careless, Rebecca H. was just a dumb Bell county barracks rat twit that jumped into a pool beyond her abilities. How fragile you in power must be to have something so pathetically trifling threaten to expose your scandalous ways. Such is the hazard of hubris. Tick tock, time is short.. Your days of celebrating yourselves is fast coming to an end.

todd s porter2014-08-26 17:46:16
Victor ,you probably remember me ,i did the research and took the stanley to reno for ted way back when and worked for him as a bondsman for many years .i am very sorry to hear that teddy has passed ,however ,i hope and pray he is in a better place ,and i know once he couldnt practice law anymore because of his health ,any joy he got from life had been taken from ,rest easy my old friend ted ,you earned it more than most men can enven imagine earning it .i loved the man and will always remember him with fond memories of his brilliance as an attorney ,his friendship when you REALLY needed one ,his generosity to so many ,and his sense of humor that i nwill miss the most .i knew ted since 1989 ,in many ways he was like a father to me ,giving me wisdom and the benefit of his keen mind in more ways than i could ever count .

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Manuelrar2015-03-24 13:38:29
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victor potter2014-12-09 22:47:45
Yes Todd I remember you and Mr. Potter had very good feelings about you and your mother. Thanks

uninterested party2015-03-07 00:49:51
Buffy, this sounds like drama you would create to take the heat off your Rebecca like ways. you have always victimized others when you pulled off a scam. Shame on you for doing this. God does not like ugly. I hope you get prosecuted again for this.

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