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Dicola Anthony J

Dicola Anthony J is a lawyer and attorney in Hot Sulphur Springs Colorado with the law firm address being 400 Byers Avenue, If you would like to call this lawyer, attorney or law firm, please call phone number of Dicola Anthony J at (970)725-3315.

Dicola Anthony J
400 Byers Avenue
Hot Sulphur Springs, CO, 80451

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Jaleesa2012-05-22 10:37:33
Within this post I've included the dieatls of 2 HIGH PROFILE murder convictions. Keep in mind that both of these cases resulted in convictions without ANY evidence tying the defendants to the murders other than the bad character of the defendants. Yet both of these convictions were affirmed on appeal. Thus I find it hard to believe why so many people here (including Mr. Hornsby) honestly believe that Casey Anthony's prosecutors have not delivered the goods for a murder conviction, or that they have delivered only a borderline case. As I said before, I truly believe that the psychology of the human mind forces people to demand a higher burden of evidence when the defendant is a meek-looking female as opposed to a cheating husband. Steven Sherer was convicted of 1st degree murder without a body ever being found and without ANY physical evidence that a murder was even committed (his wife simply disappeared one day without a trace). He was actually convicted 10 years after the murder took place when several witnesses came forward and remembered things which made Steven Sherer look like a bad husband who may have abused his wife. (BTW: From prison he attempted to pay somebody to kill his mother-in-law, but that crime wasn't committed until after he was already in prison for 1st degree murder thus it's not related to his 1st degree murder conviction) David Temple was convicted of 1st degree murder (of his wife) even though no physical evidence was presented in his trial (gun shot residue from a piece of clothing which he was not wearing was ruled inadmissible due to contamination, thus no physical evidence was presented against him). The only evidence offered against him was the fact that the police believed the crime scene (his home) looked like a staged burglary .which would tend to indicate that one of the occupants must have committed the murder. Oh, and he was also having a sexual affair with another woman at the time, LOL. That was the evidence used to put this man in prison for the rest of his life. Yet nobody here (including Mr. Richard Hornsby) seems too shocked or disturbed by this conviction. Why? It's because David Temple is not a sympathetic female defendant. LOL. By the way, I truly believe that both David Temple and Steven Sherer are guilty of murder and belong in prison. However, this doesn't change the fact that the evidence presented against them was rather flimsy and FAR below what Casey's prosecutors have presented. Obviously nobody knows how this jury will vote since juries have done unpredictable things before. However, based on the totality of evidence it will be virtually impossible for Casey to be acquitted of murder by all 12 jury members (since these jury members must be able to go home and explain to their family, friends and co-workers WHY they believed the accidental death story told by a pathological liar who had so much evidence presented against her for murder). This task of explaining an acquittal to family and friends is made MUCH more difficult because the party photos show that she was smiling from EAR TO EAR immediately after her baby's death, and they'd have to explain to their families and friends how such happiness and bliss could be the result of anything except a planned and premeditated event. If they acquit Casey of murder then each juror would be the laughing-stock (or the angry object of ridicule) of their Florida community, since they'd be viewed as dupes who bought into the final lie of a pathological liar who's now having the LAST laugh after she's acquitted. The fact that Caylee was an innocent baby only adds to the jury's need to be able to JUSTIFY an acquittal to their friends and family and co-workers (nobody wants to look like a fool who was duped by Casey's fake tears and wound up setting a CHILD murderer free in favor of a lesser conviction). Defense attorneys understand this basic psychological fact of human nature. I do believe that 1 or 2 lone kooks could hang the jury for 1st degree murder and that the rest of the members may agree to convict her of 2nd degree murder as a potential trade-off, since legal analysts have said that the jury can knock a 1st degree charge down to 2nd degree even if it's not specifically part of the charges. So I do believe that 2nd degree murder is a real possibility here, something all 12 people could live with (without looking like fools afterward). Anyhow ..if they do the unthinkable and acquit Casey of murder altogether (in favor of manslaughter) I'd be shocked beyond belief since I just don't think that all 12 people can willingly agree to set themselves up to be the laughing-stock of their communities for years to come. LOL.

Dicola Anthony J does business in the County of Grand with its office located in the city of Hot Sulphur Springs Colorado as a Attorney on 400 Byers Avenue, If you would like to contact them for any reason please call them at (970)725-3315.

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